Isabelle L. Salle, PhD

I am a Principal Researcher at the Bank of Canada, in the Financial Markets Department and a research fellow at the University of Amsterdam (School of Economics).


Here you can find information about my profile and download my various research and teaching resources, including my publications, the latest versions of my working papers and the corresponding codes and computer programs.



Pending Talks

(when the world becomes normal again)

  • Seminar speaker and visiting researcher at Paris-Dauphine U, Oct. 2020

  • Seminar speaker and visiting researcher at Bordeaux U., Nov. 2020

  • Presenter at the CEBRA Annual Meeting, Sept. 1-3, London, UK.  

Researcher in Behavioral Macroeconomics


DISCLAIMER: the opinions expressed on this website or in any content linked to it are mine and do not reflect those of the Bank of Canada.  



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(+1) 613-782-8562

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